Grand Prix Story v.1.1.4


Grand Prix Story - you are invited to try on the role of the manager himself racing team. We have to monitor the technical condition of the car, to improve it, to hire technicians, mechanics, and, of course, the drivers. All this is done in order to win the most prestigious race in the world, that is in the Grand Prix. By the way, the system of hiring team made quite flexible - the player who decides whom to hire. For example, the hiring of two drivers will participate in more races, that is, to win more money, but it will have to pay more attention to service the car - a mechanic-just one! Despite the fact that the driver and he would not mind to get under the car and rotate the nut intelligent technology will not replace. But with two technicians repair becomes much easier, but the driver gets tired quickly and the number of racing decreases. Also raised the possibility of training the driver and increase the skill level of the same mechanics.
If we talk about the gameplay, it is worth saying that the player has to start on the "simplistic" roadster. Win the race in this car is not so easy, so I have pretty string up to raise his status among the other teams. The player can attract sponsors who, by the way, the team sacrificed quite large sums for development. For this development itself should be spent for training mechanics, training drivers and, of course, improve the technical characteristics of the car. After several improvements Roadster player will get another car, which will also need to improve ... and so on. The entire game period divided by years. Total player is invited to spend fourteen years of gaming - a pretty impressive time for a racing team manager. After this period the arcade game is over and gamers are invited to try their hand in the so-called "fripley - freeplay».
Inspired by the user can easily spend this fun three or four hours, it is not about remembering the time. The game is really addictive from the first "chord." Programmers can praise Kairosoft for a quality product.

Version 1.1.4:


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