Slingshot Racing v.


Slingshot Racing is a very unusual race for Android, with stunning graphics and ultra dynamic gameplay. In order to understand how things are presented to the race track, it is enough to see how you untwist overhead is small (or large - as you like) small weight attached to the end of a rope. Members of the older generation can remember sport aircraft modeling, charming all the boys. Then a few could afford to radio-controlled model, and all that can be done to fix it on one of the front wing aircraft rope and make him fly in a circle.
In general, you'll have a pretty nimble one machine, in which the steering is non-existent, but in order to get it to turn on one of the corners, you need to attach a rope to it and, as if holding its four-wheel wonder on a leash, make him enter into the turn. However, the most important point is not the one that you want to zahomutat his racing car, and the one in which you want to get rid of the leash, because if this is not done, the machine will crash into the curb and lose badly in speed.
At every turn you will see the original posts, which at the time they are able to travel past the throw rope like Spiderman his web, and keep the car on the drift from the path. I'm sure many of you know, the smaller the radius cornering, the smaller path length. It is important to use this knowledge in the game and can not be afraid of skidding, even when the machine is turn on the inside radius runs at maximum speed.
At the track meet accelerating bonuses that you can play a cruel joke. The fact that they are usually located on a very narrow areas, and in order to get to them, will have to try much. Opponents will be hindered you in this difficult matter, because to them this bonus is also calculated, and they use them skillfully. You can bet the first time will be afraid of these bonuses, as for their use need lightning reactions. Worth at least a split second linger - and your car will fly in next curb.
With each level of the track will become more and more difficult. It is the second location of the tracks will remind knot, and the number of poles, which engage the machine during cornering, is such that the eye will begin to disperse. Before the start of the race you can throw your car paint one of the four colors, and if luck is on your side, in the same menu, you can choose a cart out of nine available options. By the way, if you track your vehicle like a car, then the main menu, it's more like a snowmobile, as instead of the wheels had baggy ski.
The game has two modes: Career and Competition. In the first you have to go through a number of different routes, the complexity of which increases with each new level. In this task, at least - to come to the finish in the top three. For the prize you will be awarded with medals in the form of nuts and salute gears. In the "Event" you can choose your own route and determine the number of participants in the race. In addition, you can choose who are going to drive, with Android or with friends. As such, there is no multiplayer in the game, so will have to play with your friends on your device.
Management while not changing. The only active zones are corners of the screen, and not all its area. That you are not confused, someone whose angle is necessary before the race to decide who will have what color car. Arrows are responsible for binding machines to the posts, will match the color machines themselves. As already mentioned, the game boasts elegant graphics. This concerns and detailing locations and animations, and menu design. Does not sound too far behind and you enjoy it.

- A revolutionary management
- Super addictive gameplay
- Stunning graphics with stunning 3D effects
- 4 players simultaneously play on one device. Play against your entire family.



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