Repulze v.1.02


Repulze - great fantastic race where you have to prove to everyone that you are the best racer of all time. In the future, no one would think of driving around on a wheeled transport, offers hovercraft, capable of reaching speeds crazy, because of which you and will show the speed of reaction to what you are capable of.
In addition to the types of ships are waiting for you in the race and a few changes, you will not hesitate to shoot at the enemy from a variety of on-board weapons, you will also sometimes try to knock out, but not very strongly. But the usual bonuses remain, including a mother and became nitro.
The graphics in the game on high, especially for racing is not at risk of competing with hit games of the genre. However admire during the race and can be frequently changing locations and perfectly executed effects that add to the dynamics of the already high-speed gameplay.
In the game you will find 24 challenging levels, 7-speed cars, great graphics and nice music. In the game the same way you can change the level of difficulty that will add heat to an already difficult race.

Version 1.02:
The path cache: sdcard / Android / obb


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    Язык интерфейса как перевести с иероглифов на русский.

  • Posted by: Олег (guest), 2013-04-28 18:10:48
    Язык интерфейса как перевести с иероглифов на русский? Устанавливал на гейм пад RITMIX RZX-60.

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    Como hago para instalarlo amigo

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    como lo puedo instalar ayuda xfa


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