Comics Racing


Comics Racing - race is not trivial, but the real race strategy for anyone who loves to drive race cars, and a bit of brains poraskinut.
The game simulates the race on paper, many well-known from childhood. The rules are pretty simple. Clippers alternately move through the cells of the track. Everything is for real: every step of the motion vector is taken into account, the rate of the car, its acceleration and other parameters.
The game ComicsRacing you can build their own careers, develop, earn points and win all sorts of achievements. Successfully passing the road, you open access to the next.
The game also allows you to arrange multiplayer competition. One device, the network, or else against the artificial intelligence (sounds real hard, is not it?).
In multiplayer mode, the game can participate up to 4 players. For each race you get points (local currency), with which you can unlock tracks or purchase new cars. According to the results of the week's top 10 players will also receive a reward.
The game features a lot of interesting routes. First-class racing will certainly please set real tracks of the Formula 1 season in 2012, as well as alternative routes based on these routes.
Selected version of the game, the number of competitors, the track? Then - in the Ready, Set, Go! The game is won not only the fastest but also the most prudent! And after the race you can enjoy again and again with his play, watching the replay in real time.
For incandescent excitement there are different kinds of statistics: for a single game, in multiplayer, but among his friends, for the entire period, or in the last 24 hours.
The graphics and game design in line with its historical past and the comic book title. The game is not only able to captivate and entertain, but also to make them think, and in some places - and smile. A realistic sound effects will carry you to the podium in Formula 1.
Through integration with gaming platform Scoreloop you can start the game friends, view their results and compete with them. And of course, a nice opportunity to show off their results and achievements in front of all your friends, thanks to the integration with social networks - Tweeter, VKontakte, Facebook and Google+.
Includes the game and catch up me if you can!

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