Redline Rush


Meet, Redline Rush. The only adjective that could not be better describe this game, is the word "custom." Indeed, the developers were able to take the best from the world of games automotive focus, adding to that progress is painfully reminiscent of that of the Jetpack Joyride, decent graphics, and fun music. But let's not rush things first.
As you probably already guessed, Redline Rush can be safely dubbed auto-runner. What else will surprise us this game?
Immediately apparent that the process of creating a menu came up thoroughly. The first thing that catches your eye - a vehicle that is conveniently located in the center of the screen. It, as it should be, you can twist and, accordingly, viewed from all sides. In the main unit there are six tabs, including the launch, the catalog of cars, garage, store improvements, profile and other games from this developer. For each bit of everything.
In the catalog there are eight cars, which differ from each other by price, bonuses, armor, and special features. Do not like the look of the car? Welcome to the garage! It can not just repaint the car in one of fourteen colors, but also to buy vinyl stickers, which is really the strength to transform the look of your car unique.
The next section of the menu is created specially for lazy gamers. If you have no free time for an "honest" earning coins, but there is extra money - be sure to visit it. Option to purchase virtual currency for real has not been canceled.
You should also mention the setting in which you can edit the volume of music and sounds to choose one of two methods of management and developers to find on twitter and facebook.
The aim of the game is to collect all sorts of bonuses and coins, which you can then spend in the store. Of course, do not forget to avoid other road users, and other irregularities, including road signs, fences and barrels. If you possess the nature of violent temper - do not limit yourself. In Redline Rush also did not forget about the possibility to shoot down other machines. But in this case, you must comply with two conditions: first, you can only attack enemies in the side, and secondly, the victim should not exceed your same size.
A very important point in the game was the mechanism for the transition to the next level, which, as has been said, like similar to Jetpack Joyride. All you need to do - to perform three tasks. In addition to his own pride from the fact that you got a raise, you are also waiting for material reward.
So, it is time to draw conclusions. Redline Rush, certainly deserves attention. The developers managed to not only breathe new life into the runners, but do it nicely, not forgetting the wonderful graphics and decent background music.

- Exciting visuals
- Wide range of cars
- Three amazing track
- Blasting Accident
- Optimized for tablets


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  • Posted by: bon (guest), 2013-07-28 18:11:38
    bon jeu pou passer le temp!!!!!

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    its lagging....but awesome

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    مشاء الله العبه

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    ***** по русски пишите 

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    игра класная и графика хорошая

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