Fast Racing 3D (Racing 3D)


Racing 3D - Fast Racing 3D - Racing Action, one of the best racing in the class. They combine a beautiful three-dimensional graphics and a large number of tracks and cars, good visual effects during the collision and exciting gameplay, valuable bonuses, fast racetracks and a huge fleet of vehicles. To win the championship or quick races, you will need to improve the parameters of the car. If that is not enough - buy new cars. To open all the trails in fast races, you need to pass the career mode, but do not forget to collect the bonus money at the time of check-in. Give your car a unique, select a coloring, color glasses and stickers.

- 3D-graphics
- Impressive sound effects
- Modernization of machinery
- Unlock new machines for coins
- Set the control to the user, either touch or tilt
- 48 levels of career


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