Drag Racing 4x4


Drag Racing 4 × 4 - excellent tram from the company Creative Mobile returned. In the new part of the game you will find new cars including road legend Ford F-150 Trucks monsters and many more, new online and offline job, new game modes, great graphics and realistic physics, and much more.
Your main task is to win the race. As the competition takes place on a straight section of the road and enter the turns is not necessary, the success depends only on the ability to shift gears and just turn on the nitrous oxide. The game Drag Racing 4 × 4 very mature management system, which means that everything will depend only on you. At the disposal of the player has a button to accelerate left and right of the shift lever. Try not to go beyond the level of the green zone, but also early switching is not desirable.
You still have to beat the competition from several racing series, winning each race you can bring your beloved car, some of the improvements and innovations, thus increasing the opportunity to win in the next upcoming races. Again and again you have to either watch the enemy as he goes away from you, or else make him watch your parking lights. But do not worry, the game does not make you bored, but rather podbavit thrills and desire to win all. In the game a huge amount of new cars including the legendary Ford F-150, Bigfoot Monster Truck and many other famous cars.
The game Drag Racing 4 × 4 very nice interface, which is equipped with a speedometer, speed change levers, and other indicators that in everyday life we ​​can see on our cars. Just deserves special praise physics in the game that even very good. But the most important advantage of this game is the ability to play with your friends and reveal who's the best in the world of drag racing. Very convenient and easy mulipleer.

- New cars, including the legendary Ford F-150, Bigfoot Monster Truck and many others.
- New single and competition network
- New game modes
- Smooth and designed graphics
- Realistic physics
- Arrivals at ¼, ½ and 1 mile


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  • Posted by: kelum (guest), 2014-01-12 04:34:40
    Dis  game is very very good game.i love dis game and smooth playing my galaxy y gts 5360 Phone.

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