Earn to Die


Earn to Die Lite - this game takes you into a world filled with horror, in which you can drive your way through a real zombie apocalypse, to save his life! Around zombies and blood, and salvation - just to get to the helicopter, which will take you to a safe place. But it is not all that bad - you have an armored truck, which is not bad crushes these mindless bloodsuckers! Most of the gameplay is worth noting the possibility of improving your car to knock down as much as possible and drive as far as possible until you run out of gas. Purchase items from the engine to accessories for crushing zombies! For lovers of Hardy has several levels of difficulty.
The game includes new and expanded story mode, where you have to drive cross-country, several types of vehicles, sea updates and zombies and a realistic physics engine. Well, we can not ignore the special atmosphere of the graphics and the game in general!


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  • Posted by: tareq (guest), 2014-03-22 09:42:28
    Nice game

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