Road Smash: In the lead!


Road Smash: In the lead! - New racing game from the studio Laika Boss. The player will have to try their hand as'' bad guy'', sitting behind the wheel of one of the sports cars available in the game. All machines - virtual counterparts of real cars that can pump to your taste. The main goal of the game - to push the road passing cars and cater for it in hands of the police.
In any racing game in the first place is always dynamic and exciting gameplay, beautiful "cars" and cool graphics and storyline pales into insignificance. Road Smash is no exception - the player the opportunity myself to guess who the main character, why he rides on the roads tuned "sports car", who gives him money for collisions with other cars and why you need to move away from a police chase. At his disposal car, the road and the button «nitro», which when pressed sweeps aside all questions, furious speed, flying past the car and uncertainty ahead. In one of the next updates the developers promise to add the storyline campaign, but without it, the game does not lose its charm.
The game contains a dozen peers actually existing machines - from BMW to the Ford Mustang. Newbies only available Volkswagen Golf, which he performs his first race.
Game trails are very diverse, but they also have in common - they are endless. The player's task - to stay on track as long as possible, not forgetting to earn money for a collision with a passing car. The more collisions - the more police forces throws on his capture. With the money the player can buy a new machine or pump already purchased. The developers have provided a huge amount of tuning options, including sophisticated airbrushing.
Unlike many mobile racing machine is controlled by the accelerometer is not, and using the steering wheel, which is in the lower right corner. Unaccustomed to this may not seem very comfortable, but the first impression is deceptive: some time to adapt - and the original "trick" with the wheel becomes the highlight of the game.
Additional acceleration of the machine is achieved by button «nitro». It seems that all cars have a bottomless tank of liquid nitrogen, as they are always ready for an unlimited duration for acceleration. Realism of the game it does not add, but gives a special charm to the races.
In addition, players can compete against each other in tournaments, which are held every week. Now the fight is in-game currency, but in one of the next updates will have the opportunity to win a new car or pumping elements. Soon the developers promise to do a full multiplayer, which on one track can compete with a few people.
Graphics in the game is at a very high level: cars look almost flawlessly, there are shadows and highlights, and do racing rides look very dynamic and realistic. Physics objects too happy - it is a pleasure to watch as scatter in the machine during collisions. Perhaps we are witnessing the birth of a great series of games, given the popularity of that game got during beta-testing.

- Great 3D graphics
- Luxury cars from the best manufacturers
- Ability to improve the car for yourself
- Wide selection of tracks from snow to desert Canada Mexico
- Compete with your friends
- And, of course, dynamic gameplay of arcade races - board hated traffic and perturbed policemen leave the chase, use nitro!

Do not miss your chance to become a legend! Download Road Smash and show what you're worth in the harsh world of street racing!


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