Zombie Highway 2

From the time of day Z many years had passed. The whole world is farmed out forever "living" dead, and the survivors have built fortresses behind the walls of which bezvylazno and live. But infinitely impossible to sit indoors, food, weapons, ammunition, medicines and other require search and delivery to the base. Just flourishing trade - barter between such shelters. And so the driver of transport carrying different difference - the most respected profession and at the same time the most dangerous.
After all, zombies are not dull voracious creature barely moving, and more mutants - fast, constantly hungry, incredibly strong, with excellent coordination and often work together. Your trump card - it's speed, even snagged can shoot or shoot down skeletons of old cars, but if you do not do it in time, they overturned a car and then your chances of survival will be gone.

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