Drive with Zombies 3D


Drive with Zombies 3D - crazy driving, and shooting zombies. Player of the plot of the game running away from the infected town, but the hordes of zombies do not let him. Do you have a weapon with which you can fold the living dead from the car. And also a very good way are obstacles on the road. Beat on them soulless mutants and did not see vrezhtes themselves. Driving a car by using the accelerometer, when you touch the screen, our hero opens fire on the enemy. During the passage you oprobuete all five cars and shoot from different weapons.

Game Features:
- There are 5 cars
- Office of the accelerometer
- Press to shoot zombies
- Counter of miles
- Counter dead zombies
- More weapons, vehicles and types of zombies in the near future
- There is a mileage rating of leaders on and killed the zombie




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