Paper Racer


It seems that developers have found a new piece for the unpretentious races, which pleases the eye and allows you to enjoy the game. We have already presented the game F1 Paper Racing, wherein a painted unusual design. The same idea was embodied in the new Paper Racer, but its implementation proved to be much higher. Painted schedule now looks surprisingly attractive, and the diversity and abundance of effects makes the gameplay just magnificent.
Sketch of the game is made, it would seem simple strokes of colored pencils, but it is only a first impression. Looking closely, one can distinguish the excellent detailing routes and fully three-dimensional objects, but the idea remains the same "paper". Special attention is given musical setting, in particular, you will hear a great soundtrack and it is quite nice sound effects. Another "trick" the game is the ability to create their own model race car: you will be able to draw it in pencil, and then take a picture and move it into the game.
The implementation is also able to trace please. Banal turns and straight lines were decorated with spilled paint, which sticks to the wheels, making the road creates a unique tread pattern. In addition, the track will be limited to only conditionally, if desired, you can cut your way, but it should be done carefully, so you are not disqualified. Wonderful graphics were added and a great physics engine, so you can enjoy a great ride with lots of moles, the collision - and all this at a decent speed.
Managing race car sold by the touch screen while you are offered three options. But a more optimal and simple, perhaps, a classic - the two buttons to rotate left / right buttons, and two gas / brake. By the way, management is very responsive and sensitive, that will give you more than once during the race. Unfortunately, the game though, and is available for free download, but will have to buy the full version, and it can be done directly from its interface.





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