F1 Paper Racing


F1 Paper Racing - is a very simple, yet truly exciting game for Android-devices in which the more fun to play with friends than alone. As you already understood, is simple in its design because it looks painted in a school notebook. So this race a Formula 1 car, which are driven by sliding a finger across the screen, reminiscent of a shot from a slingshot.
That is, you touch your car and how to pull the gum away from the finish line. Then you release the rubber band, and the car travels a certain distance. By the way, the distance traveled by car for one course, not always depend on the tension of the imaginary gum. The fact is that on the way to the finish line you will see some pictures and signs, which are responsible for mischief and joy.
For example, if your car will travel in a spiral, twirl it in the drift. If he will pass on the two half-painted over with a diamond, it will not pass on them, as zavyaznet in them, as if in a bog. We'll have to get out there during the next attempt. It should be run over by a sign with arrows, and the car rushes on, even if his speed was already on the wane.
You should also pay attention to the fence, then carelessly drawn, and if not filled with ink. It was the last to be careful, since aboard a touch of the car returns to its previous position. In other words, you simply miss a move. As for the friends you can say this: the game supports up to four players, each machine will be a certain color.
The game moves to each other by turns, but that was not boring, the game implements an opportunity to push the car and drop them in different directions, like billiard balls. Thus you can send opponents to the side start, not allowing them to win. At the same time have to be careful because you can hurt yourself, zafutboliv rival car toward the finish line.
On the graphic performance to say the game does not make sense - all seen from the screenshots. The soundtrack is quite important for the toys and pieces of a roaring motor car passing by the Formula 1 class. Paid version is different from the free only so that it can build the road itself.


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