Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

According to Greek mythology in the intricacies and subtleties of the genealogical tree gods can write an entire research work, so skip this point, especially the history of the struggle for power of the gods and the Titans here has only the role of scenery.
On Unfortunately, the game does not present any major surprises in terms of gameplay, at every level of the main character will be hacked through countless hordes of monsters guards to get to the cyclopean boss and defeat him.
In between, we will witness videos that will reveal the story and talk about the reasons why Prometheus dared to confrontation with Zeus himself, as well as solve simple mini-game.
Godfire: Rise of Prometheus - another quality slashers with elements of RPG from the creators of the famous boxing simulator, which is aggressively trying not to seem a clone of the popular series of games about another fighter with Olympians. True to the end result affects the size of the budget and designed for mobile devices, but in its niche, I think he with his beautiful graphics and epic scale of what is happening, take a firm position as one of the best in its genre.

The game is designed for different video accelerators, on the request to install the application from the Play Market.

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