You play as the name implies, for one of these professional killers dragons. Wrapped on the most burning eyes this strange individual race and you with him on a crusade across the continent. Yes to free each region from the yoke of overgrown lizards.
The first step here is the training of such things, in which we tell the basic aspects and principles of gameplay.
Such as "travel" is not here, the whole game is a series of battles. Arriving at the place and found the target, we appreciate the work front and go in the menu skills or shop, but would like to be prepared to not be killed by the first blow. And then begin the battle.
Magic attacks, block, abrupt maneuvers and will prompt you spetsudary invisible assistant (Consider this intuition protagonist), the main thing to react to signals and now lifeless dragon falls at your feet.
It is worth noting good graphics, original appearance as a hero and winged beasts. As well as beautiful hand-drawn story rollers which lucidly presented to us the intricacies of the story.

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