Lionheart Tactics

For centuries, the eastern kingdom lived in the world, and the annals of the great wars of the past seemed to be only a legend. And the "heroes" had dreamed of traveling and exploits. But dark times come back. And your story begins ... Wake up!
Our hero - the young king named Hero with a puppy happily accepts the attack of the enemy at his castle. Quick stripping and territory together a team, he wasted no time in idle talk (and so many years spent on tedious hunting and feasts), throws on a journey through a vast country with a view to banish the invaders. With the same fervor he rushed to the aid of their neighbors, which are also affected by the invasion. And of course, at the end of our illustrious protagonist and his battle-hardened group to fight with the villain and he can fight so that then will long walk legends.
Lionheart Tactics - fun and exciting game, you can only swear oppressive Donat.

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