I, Gladiator

I, Gladiator - this slasher with RPG elements about the daily life and "work" is still little-known fighter. The audience does not know his name, it is not known for his victories, and in the first battle of his throw to the slaughter against eminent and hardened killers, the shouts of the crowd that wants to see his death. But under the guidance of the players, the young gladiator survive and leave the arena winner. So victory after victory in time he will win immortal fame and popularity throughout the empire.
Navigate to the location, clumping swipe across the screen braid patterns of attacks, fight with several opponents, luring them into traps, grab a gun fallen warriors, to seek them stunned enemies and all this under the deafening roar of the crowd.
And between battles develop protagonist, open the new features and improvements, you can only help him to become a champion.

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