The Witcher Battle Arena

Waiting for you already familiar characters - Herald of Rivia (which at the beginning of inactive and will need to be open, as well as many other characters), Summer of Gulets, Zoltan Khiva, Iorveth and others. Each located in one of three groups - mages, archers and war. The selected character class determines its tactics and style of behavior in combat. Someone cuts the enemy at close range, relying on the strength and skill, the other from a distance transform opponent cushion for needles and pompous wizards and magichka not shy devastating spells and destroying their own and others indiscriminately.
Bleeding is built on a long-forgotten system, increase performance fighter happening right during the battle. Properties will increase in direct proportion to the frequency of their use.
Training, co-op vs. AI and of course waiting for PvP players. Fight and win, buy new items and weapons, become a champion of the arena.

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