Paper Dungeons

Plot complication is quick - the king was super-mega artifact - a crown. Which is always at the head of this - honor, respect, fear, and so on. But once powerful demon simply took her, and without this device, the former owner was an old and frail man. But the young prince and heir decided it was time to act and set off in pursuit of the fugitive through a magical portal. Upon arrival, he found himself in a dungeon full of goblins and other pleasant little animals.
But the nobleman (warrior) is not the only character class - a thief, priest, archer and mage, each of them has unique characteristics and style of the game. And of course, there is a tree of each of these skills, strokes and techniques in the form of blocks that can be combined to give the most incredible results and dozens of diverse subjects.
Using the editor you can create your own adventures in the dark and dangerous catacombs.

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