Huge snake awoke. Getting out of the ground, he is sowing death and destruction around the world. A little more time and save and no one will have some. The only thing that can stop the monster and destroy it, rests in the ancient catacombs. 25 floors filled with dangers, traps and a variety of monsters and undead who bred there for many centuries. At the lowest, somewhere already near the realm of the dead is it. Ring with the name of Ananias.
Only the most fearless hero being a warrior, alchemist, magician or a hunter is able to go behind him and into the impenetrable darkness. Alone or with a four-legged helpers, this trip could be the last for him.
Chop, pour opponents acid burn fireballs, shoot arrows, collect loot, choose the best equipment, use the strengths of your character and then maybe you can last at least a couple of levels.

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