Any places where one can overturn a dozen other mugs of intoxicating drink, learn new gossip, to commit acts of sale and listen to songs of praise about his adventures take in the life of every self-respecting hero of the main place. In this case, you can buy another soundtrack ballad book in advance to take care and have a headstone. And then go fight monsters.
Out of control we have only the buttons direction and jump and climb the enemy from all sides. Maneuver, attack, dodge and collect coins from the mountains of fallen enemies. From time to time on the field will appear vendor with different weapons at an affordable price. And the bosses, for which you will receive the lion's share of the money.
Your death is only a matter of time, so be ready for it. Over time, you can select a different class hero - a knight, mage, archer, adventurer, tamer, and even a ninja.

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