In the hands of black as the darkness surrounding you, a gun. Its pleasant heaviness gives confidence and do not allow those who are afraid of hiding, waiting for the right moment to jump. Toss to meet you. Shot! Monster melted like smoke. But it only spurs the others, and this time they will attack from all sides. Easy push, this is your friend was able to get to you, and will now cover your back.
Your task is to hold out until the whole group does not gather, then the process starts from the beginning, and the number of members in the team grow. Monsters will attack you one by one, or waves.
Fear and shattered nerves play a cruel joke with you, shot on the movement and one of your falls dead, and the shooter goes into a stupor quickly turns into a suicidal state. If you do not take action then it will become a victim of the enveloping darkness.

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