League of Angels

The plot does not shine from the first minutes - the lord of demons attacked the royal castle to kidnap the princess. True warriors rose to her defense, but fell under the blows of a powerful enemy. Miraculously managed to avoid death heir to the throne makes you his new champion. And now it is you need to collect a company of fearless heroes to clear the land from the numerous invaders and defeat the main villain. And it needs a long time to pump avatar and his comrades. Where you can get the book at fantastic prices, after the ritual call they immediately take up their duties.
Fights take place in a party on the party, as the unfolding of the events range skills will be filled. By activating the "charged" skill, a character will deal a severe blow to the accumulation of the enemy. After the victory happen distribution of skill points and found items. This also will be engaged throughout the game.

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