Toca Kitchen 2

Of course, all the events will develop in the kitchen, where you and will prepare their culinary masterpieces right before the eyes of the future criticism of your work. Open the fridge and choose suitable ingredients in your opinion. Chicken, shrimp, onion, watermelon, octopus, corn and many other stores in your bins. In the opinion of your guests do not pay attention, he does not understand how much more you are a talented chef and then as it is delicious. And then - shred, cook, cook, cook as you like.
When can surprise taster and give him along with the main dish of the most amazing juice content, suddenly he likes squeeze of spaghetti mixed with rice. We do not know until he tries.
Well, after enjoy sending him straight into the mouth of freshly baked strawberries drizzled with tomato sauce and seasoned with pepper. M-mmmmmmm, obedyatina.

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