Rush of Heroes

Rush of Heroes can be called the most politically literate game. It is not given to the role of savior of the world at the mercy of an arrogant people, or at least eared elves, and created a hell of a hodgepodge of intelligent animals, little known in the RPG-shnyh circles of races, demons (what? They also want to stay characters) and other unusual for this genre beings. All are united by one goal - to find a chest of faster and for longer heavier. And they do not mind if you mess with his hands between them and the wealth of someone standing.
Self-irony and humor shine through in the smallest detail, and numerous dialogues. That only is teaching a fight with a huge dragon and sarcastic comments of the hero on this occasion.
Battles take place in the automatic mode, you will need only to distribute different loot found among the team before the mission, and then only time Tapan icon in order to use special skills.

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