Knight Strike: Knightfall

According to age-old tradition of fantasy worlds once in a generation is one of the states (usually inhabited by peaceful, kind and helpful people, and the governor general, darling) is left alone with a terrible problem. In our case - it is the invasion of nasty goblins, orcs, and other races that are as usual act as antagonists. And this time the unfortunate fate of the kingdom went under the name Westerberg. A tiny, just the castle and a small village from the walls, but a proud place with a very small army. During the day the police to cope with arbitrary intruders, but at night no one agrees on duty fearing the consequences. Therefore, it was decided to hire the services of mercenaries. And that your quartet turned the king's men. Good deal and a free meal at a local pub did their job. Night, darkness overclockable rare lanterns and you are one against endless waves of enemies.

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