Age Of Dark Kingdom

In the world of the game Age Of Dark Kingdom since ancient times side by side, there are three races - humans, dwarves and elves. For many thousands of years all happened. Sometimes we went to war with each other, united, quarreling, swore eternal friendship and again intrigued leading to battles, but in spite of the differences, in difficult times, they have always found strength in themselves to lend a helping hand to a neighbor. And lived until this universe is not laid eyes the great demon, who decided that this place would become his new target. But a united army, even he did not win and therefore the matter went cunning plan designed to turn all the inhabitants into implacable enemies and using strife pounce. On a quest otryazhёn was the best fighter and part-time "right hand" villain. But somehow, in the course of events is drawn a very young lad left his village to the capital of the empire. And now he is the last hope to preserve the balance.

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