Clumsy Knight 2

The main characters, we get very colorful character - is the most ferocious parody of the valiant knights of all the fantasy universes. He does not have the normal shining armor, his sword - a rusty piece of iron, it is ill-mannered, rude, selfish egotist, he generally - premerzky type, however it is necessary to address to the "sir." His journey begins with how his palms on the announcement of the search for the kidnapped princess. And the reward is worth it to drop everything and rush off into the distance. While under his command just a couple of soldiers, more like bandits, and at first this will suffice to repel the attacks of the forest robbers, and other personalities from the main road. Found chests to hire new soldiers and to delve into the dangerous land in order to find some clues on where the young person can hide noble blood.

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