First, we briefly tell the plot plot and then mercilessly subjected to training. Series tupeyshih instructions from nanimatelnitsy protagonist easily able to infuriate the very persistent gamer. The impression that the character even more perplexed why talking to him like a mentally handicapped. But otmuchilsya we, together with our Text will go to battle with evil spirits diversiform yes to the end to kill their boss. And after cleaning the whole region - to destroy the lieutenant of the leader of the evil. And so on, until the full and unconditional victory over the forces of darkness. Captured gold, randomly dropping out after the round loot items and all kinds of bonuses are designed to improve the performance of fighter ammunition before meetings with serious opponents. The game will please fans of the genre only nice graphics, a lot of unnecessary actions from the menu, a very modest locations and other common flaws strongly give way to the interest in the gameplay.

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