Kerohiro the Flag Bearer

Kerohiro the Flag Bearer - a story about the sudden and unexpectedly journey into the heart of darkness. But it all started innocently enough. On one of the continents of the world two kingdoms existed since ancient times. Residents of one preferred nature, others - technological progress. Both people do not like each other, they coexisted quite peacefully for centuries. Until one day some forces began to intrigue and incite the state to military conflict. Well, that time elders have noticed suspicious activity and outfitted the main character in the path. They gave him a flag and set a goal - to find a villain, hit him on the head with this banner, to prevent a catastrophe, come back safe and sound. But one can not cope with hangers and a villain along the way need to be attached to an improvised squad mates and associates. Why and where to bring the characters of these adventures, we will find out.

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