Cyberlords - Arcology FREE

The story and the universe of the game in the best traditions of the genre that fans will love cyberpunk. Year 2173. The gigantic corporations control everything. One of them is to build a huge multi-level city is more like a factory than a place where ordinary people can live. It has become a haven for cyborgs, traders from the black market, mercenaries, assassins and private armies of soldiers and other individuals wishing to get lost among similar and find a job. The protagonist arriving at the city limits for the execution of the order turned out to be the purpose of assassination, but survived. When he awoke in the hospital, he met with artificial intelligence, which informed him that the character for some reason received a death sentence from the top of the corporation. It's time to escape from this terrible place. But one does not cope, so it's time to pick a team match for the avatar. Only together can destroy the plans of villains, and earn at the same time.

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