Hammer of Fury

The protagonist Hammer of Fury, oddly enough, a dwarf. And it is not simple, but noble and everything else the legendary warrior expertly wielding huge axes. On the surface, it was not for the sake of curiosity, and with the specific purpose to find and return to his native city underground ancient relic stolen from his family. Without it, all his relatives are considered to be dishonored and can not be called free. So, there is no escape, and the character goes on a journey. Rivals and envious podsuetilis and gave him an ambush which could seriously injure him. Exhausted, he barely made it to a small village. Communicating with people and doing the job, he will be able to look for a clue about the purpose of the location. Yes, and the local will be with him a great proc, because divorced monsters and bandits in the area.

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