Legend of Midgard

Legend of Midgard - the game just shows these events on behalf of the residents of the fairy world named Embla. A young girl has an incredible ability was one of the first witnesses of the approaching end and now on its efforts depends how quickly the enemy will be able to deploy its main forces. After all, through the gates leading into the other dimensions of the servants began to penetrate the snow for a foothold. It should be moving in the territory to find and block the portals, destroying all who managed to cross. In so doing, it will help loyal aides and came to the aid of allies do not want to see strangers in their own land.
It should be very well used defense and attack, to have time to deter the enemy and at the same time closing the gap between the worlds. You should carefully select units with the howl of a team that would not duplicate those opportunities and do not interfere with each other.

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