Samsung Galaxy S I9003

Samsung Galaxy S I9003 Smartphone
Android 2.2
Screen:4.0" 480x800
GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Processor:TI OMAP3630, 1000Mhz
USB / WI-FI / Bluetooth / GPS: +/+/+/+
Ramzmery:64x122x10 mm
Opening hours of standby time:15:00 hours:minute
Opening hours of talk time:610 hours
Weight 131 gram

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 LEGO® Elves - Unite The Magic LEGO ® Elves - Unite The Magic - a fun adventure for children in the style of "Hidden Object". All this is spiced good graphics, exciting adventures, mini-games, magic and a complete lack of Donato. Go to the edge filled with magic and mystery, look otgadki, explore the land and find new friends.
 Zombie Apocalypse: The Quest Zombie Apocalypse: The Quest - text adventure, one of the oldest styles in this genre. For the storyline basis is the beginning zombiapokalipsisa and subsequent events. The graphic image is presented photographs complemented by a variety of animated inserts and hand-drawn images. Large variation and nonlinearity of events significantly increases the replayability.
 Blood House Escape Blood House Escape - a new quest from the creators of horror Christmas Santa vs.Zombies 2. As in any other game in the title is the word Escape, the main character will get out of it unfamiliar places. And it must be done urgently, as the inner voice tells us that outsiders are not welcome here, and you in particular.
 Zombie escape house Zombie escape house - quest in the style of penetration of an object (or escape). The lack of a clear story (and for what it is?) Is offset by the beautiful location, very zamudrennymi riddles, frightening atmosphere, convenient interface design and feel the aura of a horror movie. But evil beings try to make you do not survive the night.
 Paranormal Escape Paranormal Escape - a new quest from the developers who love to get gamers to make an escape from a very frightening and gloomy places. As always, you will find a complicated story, mystical experiences, beautifully drawn locations, simple puzzles and challenging mini-games. The game will appeal to those who want to kill your spare time and at the end there and then forget about it forever.
 Time Travel Escape Time Travel Escape - quest about time travel. Beautifully painted backgrounds, plain puzzles many levels and hidden from your eyes crystals reveals the secrets of the room, waiting for anyone who dare to step into the portal. The tour through the numerous historical epochs will appeal to all lovers of puzzles.
 Escape from prison 3: Morgue Escape from prison 3: Morgue - addictive puzzle game. Simple graphics, numerous puzzles, dozens of objects, logical decisions diverse tasks and much more will delight lovers of classic quests and their passage. This game - a direct continuation of the storyline of the previous parts. Now you need to quickly leave the workplace pathologist.
 Santa vs. Zombies 2 Dear Santa, I have all year behaved well. I have excellent grades in school, and my mother I recorded the music circle. I think I did it. I'm really looking forward to you. Adults somehow run down the street and shout, I'm afraid. Please bring me a gift me a game console, a better machine and zinc ammunition. Thank U.
 Swordbreaker Demo Swordbreaker (demo version yet, but hopefully will finish quickly) - a representative of one of the oldest genres of computer games, or rather text quests. Unfortunately the output of such a project on a PC in the current era geymdeyva simply impossible, but on Android, developers can easily find adventure fans of this kind.
 World of puzzles The world of mysteries - the quest in style "search objects", but this time the word "Peace" in the name of the game is not for the sake of beauty. You will visit different parts of the world, there are numerous artifacts, made a discovery and much, much more. Nicely drawn locations, serious and thoughtful story, as if taken from an adventure book will surprise and delight fans of the genre.