Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Smartphone
Android 2.3
Screen:3.0" 240x320 px
GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Processor:883 Mhz
USB / WI-FI / Bluetooth / GPS: +/+/+/+
Ramzmery:58x104x11.5 mm
Opening hours of standby time:6:00 hours:minute
Opening hours of talk time:120 hours
Weight 97 gram

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Midnight Star: RenegadeMidnight Star: Renegade - a fascinating shooter, shooting in the first person, who is currently still in the development stage, but every player has a powerful hardware on the device can now try their hand and make up their minds about the project. Let's hope that the product will be completed quickly and properly optimized.
Steppy PantsSteppy Pants can be called a simulator and walk at the same time extremely hardcore and not predictable. No one ever thought that the usual walk along the streets of the city can be so difficult, dangerous and fraught with trauma event. Yes, moving in space using the lower limbs - it's really exciting and fascinating adventure.
Star Crusade CCGStar Crusade ™ CCG - a collectible card game created in the scenery of the distant future, and the global war mode - all against all. Fans of the genre will appreciate the excellent graphics, classic gameplay, traced more than 400 detailed maps and a variety of parties to the conflict for which you can raise your standard and go into battle.
Alien Shooter TDAlien Shooter TD - game from Sigma Team, the team that created the well-known cult shooter. Here are just a new project can not many come to mind. After a prefix to the name "TD" - this is nothing, as the "Tower Defense". That means fans will not see the continuation of the epic, and take a look at the same events only from a different angle and a different gameplay mechanics.
Sky to Fly Faster Than Wind 3DSky to Fly Faster Than Wind 3D was created under the impressions of the MMORPG Sky2Fly in steampunk style, which, of course, affected the gameplay of the game. Gamers will try yourself in the role of couriers delivering a variety of goods on the island floating in the sky. The value of such workers is that they do not ask about the contents of parcels and the possible risks.
Munchie FarmMunchie Farm - fascinating farm simulator with the original idea of a parallel universe, nice graphics and with all the other disadvantages of the project created for Donati. In fact the game in front of us collected on familiar and often used templates. Munchie Farm like the true fans that wanted a little variety.
ANTS - THE GAMEANTS - THE GAME - smart casual game creators that the full use of seemingly familiar to the smallest detail the gameplay, finding new and original opportunities without mutilation of the classic features of this genre. Beautiful graphics, well traced back backgrounds, easy operation and a great soundtrack will please everyone.
Blue Ocean TycoonBlue Ocean Tycoon invites us to plunge into the modern world of shipping, ships, ports, and all that is connected with it. We play the role of the young owner of a small ship-owning company just two copies. Choosing a suitable home port, which can be in any hemisphere, we immediately find ourselves faced with a choice which is in the first place to go.
Dust Bunny Sweep!Dust Bunny Sweep -! Addictive puzzle game with beautiful graphics, lots of levels and different gameplay. The main task will be to sweep the house. Which only the first locations the place looks ordinary (well, if you do not pay attention to a reasonable brush dust), and then it becomes clear that all the action takes place in a strange and magical building with a large population.
Speedy Car - Endless RushSpeedy Car - Endless Rush - hardcore arcade game with minimalist graphics and simple gameplay to the pain. It will become a stumbling block for anyone who hopes for an easy and carefree ride in this game. Any error or hasty action will be the last, and send immediately to restart. Only the maximum concentration will save on unnecessary problems.