Curling3D v.2.0.18


Curling 3D - a great simulator of world sports game of curling. The game involves two teams of four. Players take turns throwing stones dvadtsatikilogrammovye towards the center of the circle, called the house. Movement stone adjusted players with brushes. The more gems of one team is closer to the center of the house relatively stones of the opposing team, the more points she earns at the end of the rally. Realistic graphics, in the mode of television broadcasting, excellent audio support - this and much more makes the game pretty appealing product.

- Realistic 3D simulation of Curling, made in the spirit of high-quality TV broadcasts
- Full control of the force, direction, and rotation of the stone
- Advanced features for the implementation of the actual game Curling tactics, known as "chess on ice"
- Detailed instructions for gameplay
- Ability to play single player against the computer or two players against each other
- Use of advanced physics engine to implement the movement of stone
- Easy and intuitive management interface
- Following the generally accepted rules of curling
- A deep study of strategy computer game (artificial intelligence). Three levels of difficulty
- Tournament play with a computer
- A variety of character models
- Select gender teams
- Selection of teams from 12 countries
- Counting and save intermediate and final results of matches
- Detailed graphics and animation
- Great sound design

Version 2.0.18:


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