Turbo Dismount

There are many unusual simulators and one Turbo Dismount - Designer modeling accidents. Immediately after he won the hearts of many players.
Popularity brought him the correct physical model of the behavior of objects, destructible objects and original graphic style. But the main value here is the editor allowing you to create and configure an emergency situation on your own destructive taste.
It already has a set of ready-made cards (some can be purchased for a fee), which can be edited in many ways. Size dummy and its location, mode of transport, to change the obstacles and objects on location, as well as to change the trajectory of motion.
Ask the desired speed and forth. Except that the average life expectancy of our guinea is measured in seconds and then comes to the aid of recording replay.
With multiple cameras can see everything that happened to be in the details, and the system will show what damage parts of the body, our character fought during the crash test.

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