Strike Wing: Raptor Rising

The whole gameplay is divided into two sections - a company in which there is only one free mission mode and test.
Story events in the game for a long time to develop acquaintance and the standard scenario full of grand pianos in the bush - you are a young Starfleet officer, but has already established itself in the service, at this time next to your squadron systems begin to occur strange phenomena. The flight of fighters sent to clarify the situation, arrived at the scene they are attacked by an unknown enemy. This fight will cause a full-scale war between the two races.
Essentially Strike Wing: Raptor Rising maximally simplified cosmos in which we often get from point A to point B and lead protracted firefight with the attacking waves of enemies. Periodically monitor conversations between your colleagues, do not affect anything. Not looking at that boundless space around you will feel the walls bellboy to end the game.

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