Events campaign unfolds against the backdrop of the protracted confrontation rebel forces against the forces of the Dominion. Former commander of forces NOVA tried to be on the side of the civil war, but the unexpected request for help from an old friend leads him on a long-ruined and abandoned land in the ruins of the city once known as San Francisco. Upon arrival, the protagonist immediately gets into trouble with volteritami, then, and control is transferred to the player.
Well, as always, the graphics quality at the highest level that can not but rejoice, coupled with the school soundtrack and sound, as well as the fact that all the dialogue sounded - turns the game into one of the best shooters at the moment for mobile devices. A little disappointed intelligence bots companions that depict dashing script skirmishes with the enemy, but do not see it in a few meters away and patiently waiting for the player to sort out the problem.
Short story missions are only out of necessity, most gamers do not even look into the campaign, and immediately go to the multiplayer, there will occur according to the hardcore.

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