Fomich Rescue

According to tradition every spring fans of ice fishing takes on the same ice floe. A Fomich this year late for this massive event, and so he went to drift alone. He sailed a long time, but quietly, and that's when it appeared on the horizon rescue ship our colorful characters to collect all possible distinguishing features of post-Soviet man began serious problems.
With neighboring icebergs him become penguins jump (this is how much it wore something about the world ?!). Long journey undermine floe and now she is ready to roll over at the slightest pressure on it. In addition to visit you periodically climbs cares hangover polar bear (he from here?). A killer whale runs around you want to eat tasty birds.
Faced brazen penguins or uniformly populate the area using the caught fish. And see that fellow travelers did not eat your meat-eating neighbors. Spread the supply of vodka each other to keep warm, and bear to left back home. And most importantly do not disturb the balance.

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