Zombie Hunter: War of The Dead

The plot is standard - the world will end, the end of mankind, the zombies are right, the remains of homo sapiens who are trying to survive as best he can. The protagonist - the only remaining in the ranks of soldiers from his unit. Finding himself in a small town, he went to live on the roofs of buildings and as far as possible has become to protect people from those herded into a trap of carnivorous creatures. On long-distance he prefers to use sniper rifles, and if the target can fit into a tight and apply the normal machine. The enemy here is more gentle than in other worlds and getting a bullet in the body of the same killing, but not with the first shot. Well, the problem with large clusters can be solved with the help of a grenade launcher.
Like many "sniper" games you need to meet certain requirements to start the job. You need to spend the earned money to buy more powerful weapons and upgrade existing.

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