Dream House Days

You will begin to play the role of master of a small house divided into separate rooms in hiring. You need to equip the room with everything needed for a comfortable stay further with you, and invite the residents. Due to the meager interior and the absence of any frills, your first tenants will ascetic bachelors or students. Podnakopiv on rent, improve the quality of living in your structure, to attach new areas, develop existing ones. Over time, learning about the success of your design, you will be invited to various projects for very impressive fees. In addition to turning your Project in the perfect location, you can directly influence events in the life of the tenants. Get introduced recently the neighbors, you do not have time to look back, and how they play the wedding and zavedut brained pixel kulёchik. Now they need to move into apartments for the best, but then again, you have a lot of work.

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