Zombie Outbreak Simulator

The same point was repeatedly featured in numerous films, TV shows, books, games and other things - the beginning zombiapokalipsisa. People flee in panic in the streets, the police unprepared for such a situation in a stupor and did not know what to do, war in a hurry build line of defense, the government quietly locked in silos and implacable force zombies come and break to pieces all in its path. At this time we do not belong to any of these groups, we play the role of an observer has an exclusive possibilities. Adjust the density of the population, the number of walkers in the first wave, their speed (from classical to nimble runners), the percentage of police officers and their preparedness, how many guns in the hands of civilians and other subtleties. From each of the scale will depend on the dynamics of what is happening. In addition, you can send rescue helicopters to send paratroopers to contain infected, as well as cover entire neighborhoods with rockets. Enjoy!

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