Hipster Clicker

The protagonist Hipster Clicker recently been attacked by pack of feral hipsters. It would seem that the poor fellow to quickly get to the medical establishment and there is promptly treated the bite, and to take the analysis showed negative results, but today in the morning the victim opened her eyes and realized that he was pulling dress up in old clothes. What to do and how can that be? - I thought the character eating the muffin and drinking all the beer crafting. What? From all this I came home? Here you go! It seems more and become a lunatic. What is time in the store to change the wardrobe. - Surrendered our avatar and began to pour into a new life for him. Fashionable hats, sneakers, plaid shirt, glasses characteristic shape, antennae and hand-rolled cigarette - now his casual way. But this style is necessary to constantly maintain and update. And this will have to do to us, hard knocking fingers.

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