High Sea Saga

And once called the king of the protagonist. Well, as I called for? Just I yelled out the window. State of the island and also very small. And he said to him - "be kind to show all their talents and make it so that my country has become a very large and powerful, and I'll be grateful for it." "Cool" - thought the character and immediately rushed to carry out instructions. But any action is required to spend money in gold, but it is clear it is very small. Therefore we have to filibuster. Put the tavern, we hire sailors, buy black sails and flags and prepare to enter the fishery. That's just we do not have a ship. And to start at least in the preparatory phase of the operation is necessary to wriggle out and get at least some trough the mast. It turns out that by the end of this epic, it will be easier to become rulers themselves. After all, we are actually built from scratch.

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