Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Smartphone
Android 2.3
Screen:4.0" 480x854
GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Processor:Qualcomm MSM 8255, 1000Mhz
USB / WI-FI / Bluetooth / GPS: +/+/+/+
Ramzmery:62x119x16 mm
Opening hours of standby time:8:00 hours:minute
Opening hours of talk time:425 hours
Weight 175 gram

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Tap Knight and the Dark CastleTap Knight and the Dark Castle - the owner of a rather long determination. It - 2D pixel artovskoe simulator tapa with automatic fights. The battles we can significantly help the protagonist to his quick clicks that will maximize its chances of success in a dangerous mission. No glorious tranquility Warmaster.
Kerohiro the Flag Bearer Throughout the infinite variety of parallel universes and other worlds too early and too late, we had caught a planet with a population consisting of a reasonable frogs. Fantasy medieval merely compel the forces of darkness seek to arrange a nightmare in reality for any innocent green-skinned inhabitants. But the heroes go camping.
Blade Hero The main hero of the game Blade Hero is not valiant, brave knight in shining armor, but a real brutal Orc perfectly wielding a variety of two-handed axes and other huge-sharp deadly objects. But in spite of his wild appearance and character, he an ardent advocate of good and justice. For which he was punished.
Survive Mr.cubeSurvive Mr.cube - an interesting and exciting adventure project in which the main character did not like them to be. More afternoon he was the happiest man preparing for a wedding. Deciding for a drink, he went to a bar where he met a strange stranger. He offered him a pill and character could not resist the "gift."
MerchantMerchant - original project with role-pixel graphics and unusual view of the whole heroic genre. Which combines the simulation manager, RPG in one. A small number of tabs and windows, however store a huge opportunity and the available actions. Only skillfully balances between them it will be possible to create a thriving business.
Exiled KingdomsExiled Kingdoms - smart role-playing game created by the old school patterns. Isometric camera characteristic graphic style and truly addictive gameplay, as well as an interesting and well thought out storyline develops in the original universe will delight all fans of retro missed this adventure and heroic deeds.
Bounty Stars In the distant future, long after mankind has made a scientific breakthrough and went to conquer deep space and met many other advanced races, one common factor among all the inhabitants of the galaxy was found - the presence of criminals of all stripes, from petty criminals to wanted everywhere dangerous recidivists.
Flash's BountyFlash's Bounty - a mixed strategy of RPG, which will primarily be of interest to gamers older, finds the very old-school projects one of them has a word in the title of "heroes." Cute graphics, a choice between the plot and endless mode, as well as the classic gameplay will delight both "old-timers" and the younger generation.
Hero HackHero Hack - cool RPG in the old-school 8-bit style in which gamers will find an exciting adventure, incredible discoveries, humor, weight, demons of all kinds and of course, the mega-boss of enormous size. Tens and hundreds of levels in various parts of this unique fantasy universe await intrepid seekers of problems on its head.
Dungeon MonstersDungeon Monsters - a role created by the project on the precepts of old school RPG-nis. Modern graphics (and unfortunately some of the features inherent in the new generation) and gameplay mechanics retro era makes the game very interesting adventure. And the inclusion of the card system in the battle will delight fans of collectible decks.