Zombies Olympics - Rio 2016

Olympic Games in Rio ended, the Paralympics have not yet started, and the audience waiting for the continuation of sports shows, records and fierce competition between the speakers and so on. By the way, in this universe it has recently been successfully prevented zombiapokalipsis. The world has not fallen, but remained hopelessly ill. And the public has decided to send the poor fellows in the Olympics for the first zombie. To infected and get used to the new status, and ordinary people to amuse.
Choosing suitable in our opinion an avatar and set off to conquer the highest sports records. Cadaver will participate in the sprint at the 100 and 400 meters, steeplechase, high jump pole vault, long, javelin and hammer. In each discipline you need to quickly Tapan on two buttons to get up to speed or strength, and then just click on an icon. Perfect execution of the first place and bring fresh, tasty brains.

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