Arcane Empires

Arcane Empires - addictive game for android, which due to the terrible and despotic prince Dessena civil war began. You take on the role of the protagonist, who escaped with some compatriots of tyrant and decided to create a free empire. However, the cruel prince is up and wants to regain his slaves, so you have to use the power of magic and technology steam to build the city, develop the economy, and make an army to protect against aggressors.
This yoke is an online real-time strategy, so that you will be playing side by side with thousands of real players. You have the ability to enter into diplomatic alliances with other cities. Strategic action plan to co-op with chat. Do not forget to create the shock troops, airships dreadnoughts. In order to manage the troops, you will need captains. Increase your defenses and expand your empire. Destroy the enemies on the islands and participate in tournaments with rewards.
The game has gorgeous 3D graphics with high-quality animation, as well as an extensive range of buildings and units. And as the game requires a constant internet connection.

Arcane Empires is a classic browser-based strategy. In the game you will go to a fantastic world where magic and steam engines exist side by side. Under the yoke of Prince Dessena empire is divided into many feudal states, each of which seeks to achieve independence. You also have to build your own city-state, to get the army and the city to develop to such an extent that it can resist other feudal lords and the emperor himself. Sophisticated graphic design and high-quality drawing make this game very attractive. The very game world consists of many islands that border each other water channels. Each island - is a separate state. As you may have guessed, they are your potential enemies, but keep in mind that some of them can be found faithful allies, so do not immediately try to destroy all life. The developers have made enough effort to please the players architectural beauty of the buildings. Each building is traced with high quality and looks like the present. Animation here you can also put a high estimate. It is especially manifested in the construction of buildings and upgrade them.

- Play online with thousands of other players
- Create diplomatic alliances with other cities
- Plan your strategy in real-time chat

Build your army
- Create an army of shock troops and dreadnoughts robogrifov
- Assign the captains who will lead your troops
- Strengthen the defense of their city

Expand your empire
- Build a great and powerful colony
- Defeat the enemy and islands around the world
- Participate in tournaments for the sake of winning
- And much, much more!

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