Total Conquest (Conquest of Rome)


Do you hear the clank and clatter dimensional weapon away? This is the Roman legions marching! Great Caesar met his demise, and now players from around the world will compete for the right to ascend to the throne of the Roman Empire! Meet the Total Conquest (Conquest of Rome) - a fascinating social and strategy game in which you have to become the ruler of the Roman province, to build the city of your dreams and bring you a loyal army. Create a mighty legion, protect their lands from the attacks, defeat all his enemies and achieve the highest power! The goal - to create a powerful legion to protect their land from the raids, defeat all his enemies and ascend to the throne. Vae victis!
Now there is a real historical strategy on Android!

In the game you can train and develop 10 different types of military units. Connect with Facebook and Game Center will create a joint Legion with your friends together and keep fighting. Lists of the best players in the Game Center and the game itself will help to monitor the progress of the player to the coveted throne. The game is free and supports the Russian language.

- In your power to a whole province: Line up his belligerent policy
- The high walls, towers, traps and troops in the garrison will protect your city

- Train and improve 10 different types of units
- Thrilling single-player campaign will teach you combat skills
- Keep a spectacular battle with players from all over the world and win!

- Your friends from Facebook and Game Center will be able to play with you
- Ability to create a legion of other players and help each other in battle
- Joint military operations against other legions
- Top military commanders will have their legion to power and receive generous rewards
- Lists of the best players in the Game Center and in the game

For fans of the free social games, and fans of multiplayer strategies strazheny.
If you want peace - prepare for war! Commander offers hours of exciting game!

* And all this on tablets and smartphones!


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