Build an Empire (Build an empire)


Build an Empire (Build an empire) - bring their country to world domination. Build your empire and lead it through a century and the era of true greatness! Which way you elect to become the first on the continent? Building armies or schools? War or peace with its neighbors diplomacy? Occupation of land or rapid scientific development?
The solution will not be easy, because the administration of the country is a permanent solution to the pressing problems - a country filled with poor, broken buildings, deteriorating relations with its neighbors and go to war, the whole city rise up and demand forces of bread ...

In the story, the player is assigned the mission of responsible government. Of underdeveloped countries will have to put together the most powerful empire and lead it to world domination. Era will change, making adjustments in the balance of power, but the problem remains the same.

The process of nation-building and increasing its power takes place in real time. That is, to grow fighter or build a village must wait a certain period of time. Will speed up the process in-game currency that can be earned through successful actions or purchased for real money.

Management process as simple as possible - it all comes down to a couple of gestures, with the help of which all manipulations are carried out, whether it's the war, the building, the invention of all these issues are dealt with just a few taps on the screen.

The development process of the game takes place via a special card. Thanks to them and the transitions from one epoch to another, added bonuses and new recipes perfected science, culture, laws, etc. As for the combat system, and it develops gradually from the simple to the complex. With the change of epochs will be added seven combat units.

At this point in the "Build an empire" player waiting three eras: Ancient, Classical and Medieval. But the developers continue to work hard and in the near future promises to complement the project up to the modern eras, and even thinking on the implementation of the future. To move into a new era must purchase card invention.

Developments in the game depends on the player's choice. Conduct diplomatic relations or to focus on fighting? Force to suppress riots or civil commotion to calm bread and grace? From the selected vector and will depend most gaming situations.

Relations with neighbors play an important role in the "Build an empire." With the right approach to diplomatic relations with other countries can get ideas, slaves, and even new territory. So, even imperial expansion can be achieved without the use of force.

To get powerful bonuses in the game to create miracles. They act only within the framework of the era in which were built, but will bring a lot of benefits. Even when the power runs out, they will remain on the territory of the player in the form of monuments.

Originally implemented in the game priests and sages. Sometimes they may disappear without giving rise to ideas and customs. And all because, as in real life, not everyone of them could do it. So in the early ages of the likelihood of their effectiveness is only 40%. In later eras that this percentage is increasing.

In general, the game is "Build an empire" enjoy not only the fans of the policies, and the players are not completely familiar with this genre, due to ease of administration and interesting concept. Of course, someone may upset a lot of Donata in the game, but without it it will be possible to reach the heights. Just this will require much more time and patience.

- Ability to select the vector of development, which determines the course of events
- Easy management
- An exciting atmosphere
- Developed characters
- Long boot
- Lack of interaction with other players
- Donat

- Manage the empire pair of gestures.
- Minimum number on the screen.
- You are not alone on the continent. Enclose with neighbors profitable contracts or make war with them.
- Build houses, cities and troops, but do not forget that they require support.
- Calms the riots, and feed the poor with bread.
- With the help of philosophers and priests, develop science and culture in order to uncover new opportunities and to move from one epoch to another.
- Build the wonders of the world and hire geniuses.
- Choose your strategy: capture and control, or peace and development.

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